The first ever Social House will open in Venice!

So what is a social house?
Honestly there isn’t a proper meaning for Social House yet, because this is the first time that such a project takes place. The name “Social House” came to my mind when I first started working on the idea of sharing a common place, a place where people can feel like home, where they feel part of the city they are visiting, a place where they are guests and not just tourists.
Is this a new social network?
Of course not! Nothing in this project is virtual. We want real people to meet other real people and share their cultures by living in the same house full of comfort but most of all full of life! People coming from all over the world to the most unique city, which is Venice.
Should I trust these people?
I would definitely do! But if you still have some doubts about it, click on the Project below and see what other people think about our Social House.

What are you waiting for?